Monday, November 2, 2015

See You Later, Slumberland (2015)

Somehow in the highlights spilling through the window
I see you pulling on a loose shirt, ready to crawl in bed
And for some dumb reason, I can’t wait to feel your cold feet
Pressed up against my warm skin and your head to fall on my chest

I want to romanticize pulling off your clothes and pressing into you
But this is the most peaceful I’ve ever felt, my arm going numb
And something glowing off the screen until your breathing slows
I feel your body jerk, trying to stave off sleep, but you’re already gone

Softly dragging my fingers along the exposed small of your back
Your chest puffs and falls and I lie awake, never tired when you’re asleep
How else would I chase your ghosts away, or the monsters at the wall
If I can’t keep my eyes open and rattle out a growl to frighten them off

Some nights, you don’t move, you’re soft cement
One leg over mine and an open hand on my heart, I’d fall apart
If I wasn’t locked in this place, anchored to you by how I feel
Enamored, somehow, by some magic you don’t know you wield

But the nights when you shuffle to your side and
I get to wrap my arms around you, one slung over your shoulder
And the other tucked between your breasts, my hand in your hand
I don’t know if I could die better, like a mammoth sloth stuck to you

Sometimes, I’ve convinced myself that I’ve traveled through life
To feel this alive, feel you dreaming against me, while you mumble
Softly rubbing your soft legs unconsciously against me
This is where I belong, this point in time, just to let you safely sleep

Under Another Moon (2015)

Too hot, all this bedding piled up on top of me
But I’ve made this bed, since I couldn’t resist
Touching every single inch of you
You wear your battle scars deep in your heart
And this is all I know to do to soothe them
Hoping warm hands can tell you more
Than my stuttering words, lighting up some screen

But there’s nothing I can do to hold back
Hiding myself underneath the covers,
Sweat pouring out of me while I feel you tense and twitch
Just before you loose your legs and run your fingers through my hair
I never want to get your name off the tip of my tongue

Your fingers go tight on my head, while you squirm
So I hold your wrists to the bed and listen to your quiet sounds
And feel like I’m finally doing something right
I may not be able to heal you overnight
But I’ll keep my soft hands warm, and your cool bed company
Laying sentinel while you sleep,
Keeping your ghosts at bay

Sleeping Gods (2015)

Oh, I’d wrap my fingers a little tighter around your throat, my darling
If just to hear you moan a bit louder through your tightly pressed lips
And I’ll keep a heavy hand on your chest when I grind against your writhing hips

I’ve lost myself in your eyes, all night, feeling my empty chest go tight
My heart hardened and what will I had always fading fast, I can only think of
Pulling your pants down your thighs and kissing every inch of your naked legs

Until all the goosebumps rise and I pull you quickly into bed
A hand at your jaw and my open mouth on yours, I want to feel your breath
As I push my chest against you – my spinning head, you feel so fucking good

And I fade inside of you, every time like it’s brand new – I’m not just myself
A golem made of lust, I’ve been built on hushed sighs and rolling eyes
So I pull your thighs closer to wrap your legs behind me

I forget to breathe, but what’s the point of a breath if I can’t remember where it’s kept
Merely the naked sight of you, bathed in moonlight takes it all away, anyway
Your eyes stare holes in me, and darling, I can only fumble at your flesh

Hoping that I’m not merely groping like some slob in the presence of a god
But god damn, you feel like heaven next to me as I slide a hand to the back of your knee
Collapsing so fast that I want everything that’s inside you